Ngày đăng: 19/02/2012

With the improvements of New Innova & Fortuner 2013 – More Powerful, More Safety, Toyota Vietnam expects to bring the most secured and comfortable feeling to our customers. With the prestigious Toyota brand name along with impressive features of New Innova & Fortuner 2013, we hope to bring more and more competitive products as well as best after sales services and benefit to all of our customers.

Innova and Fortuner are two of five IMV models developed by Toyota. They are under the IMV Project that started in 2002 and first production in 2004, aims to produce new pick-up trucks and multipurpose vehicles with global quality for introduction in more than 140 countries worldwide.

In Vietnam, the first product of IMV project introduced in Vietnam was Innova in January 2006. Since its launching, Innova has achieved resounding success thanks to the utility (multiple purposes), excellent quality, competitive price and high resale value. Innova has quickly kept the bestselling car position in Vietnam market and becomes most suitable car to the society and most beloved by people with the accumulated record of sales of nearly 64,000 units, 4,233 units sold in 2012, accounting for the average market share of 64% in MPV segment (as of Feb 2013) .To continue bringing the benefits to the consumers, after that 3 years of Innova launching, in February 2009, TMV started to produce Fortuner - SUV of IMV series. And the Fortuner has soon occupied the first position in medium high SUV segment in Vietnam with the accumulated sales of nearly 25,000 units with a steady SUV market share at 64% with 6,129 units sold in 2012.

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